4 things I didn’t let rejection teach me

False Humility is REALLLL! Preach!!


rejection comes in many shapes, sizes and arenas. it pops up in friendships, familial situations, professional settings and as many people know, romantic relationships. I’ve encountered quite a bit of the aforementioned (like a sampler of L’s if you wish) but could never accept it for what it was.  here’s a list of what I’m finally willing to take from rejection & admit to myself:

1. FALSE HUMILITY IS A THING…and it’s terrible. it pretends to be at peace. it pretends to be rational and apologetic. it acts like it’s okay with rejection but eventually shows itself in statements like:

“I know I’m not perfect but…” | “I know I said/did ____ but you said/did…” | “I’m sorry if…” | “I don’t expect anything from you but” | the list goes on.

I honestly, truly believed I was so humble. like, Mother Teresa…

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