Hey Yall,

Welcome to my blog spot, my name is Courtney Saunders, but you may refer to me as Passionate Woman on this site. I am a student at the beautiful University of Central Florida studying Business Management (Human Resource Management)-Sports Business Management. Outside of my academics I love to dance, sing (karaoke style), volunteer with my brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Frat, dance some more, and motivate those around me with some form of positive message. I’ve started this blog with one simple goal, which is to offer motivational messages through sharing my personal life experiences and studies of the Bible. I believe that we all go through highs and lows of life, and sometimes to know that we are not alone or having someone to share our story with can make a huge difference! So join me on this journey as I find ways to embrace the negatives of life as a positive!

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Also, feel free to comment under my post or reach out to me at PassionateWomanCS@gmail.com

“Turning negatives into positives one blog at a time…”-Passionate Woman


2 thoughts on “About


    I enjoyed reading your new blog. I found myself laughing and relating to the topics you discussed. You’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work! I’m sure alot of other ladies will find your blogs just as inspiring and informational as I did. You give good advice. I’m looking forward to your next blog. Thanks for the motivation.
    ~May God bless you to reach every goal you wish to conquer


    • Passionate Woman says:

      Again, Thank you so much Danyae!! It means a lot when I know that others can relate to my writing, and each time someone tells me that my blog motivates them a goal is accomplished!
      THANK YOU ❤


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